If you’re a business struggling with getting your head around your socials, chances are you’re coming up against one or two problems:
You’re stuck for ideas or you’re having trouble bringing them to life.

When I left school I became a car mechanic and then went on to start my own performance car parts shop.  
So... how exactly did I end up doing social media you may be thinking...
I'm absolutely fascinated with figuring out how things work.  

Some people seem to propel their brands online, while others who have great products- just can't seem to get their brand seen by the right people.

So what do some brands do differently? 
That is a question that fascinates me to this day. 

Working with clever business owners to get their social media working for them has become my mission. 

To find that sweet spot where those a-ha moments for you, and the oooh moments for your customers, connecting whatever it is you have, with whatever your audience wants, at the right place, at the right time, and in a way that. Just. Makes. Sense.

Social media is a moving target- what worked 6 months ago isn't always a strong game plan for tomorrow. You've got to think ahead of your competitors. We believe that too many businesses are missing opportunities when they could instead actually be leading the charge. 

If you're still reading, I think we've sparked a few lightbulb moments for you...

Social media should be personal.
When you reach out to us online, sliiiide into our DMs or book a call with us (yip, we’re still down for an old-fashioned chat), you’ll deal directly with us - the same folk who will be working alongside you in bringing your brand to life online.

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