Why the Kiwi DIY attitude doesn't always work

Oct 06, 2019

We're Kiwi's, we love doing things ourselves. 
Why pay someone to do something, when we can just get it done ourselves? 

Especially when we're short on cash flow- it doesn't make sense to pay people to do things we can do- am I right? 

To answer this fairly, we have to take a look at both sides of the argument. 

YES, you can (and should) do many things yourself in business. 
It means you stay in control, it encourages you to learn and upskill in areas, and it can save you money on some things. (which is crucial when you're in start-up mode!)

So why is there even a NO answer to this question? 

Doing things yourself can cost you more
(Ouch, that truth bomb stings a little)

Firstly, you can take too long to do things.
You can end up spending 3-6 months trying to complete something that you could pay someone $50-100 to do.
Time is money and when you look at the big picture- spending the money upfront to get things in motion is a cheaper option.
Things get...

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How many hats are you wearing? Social Media Marketing Advice for New Business Owners

Feb 18, 2018

In my previous business, there were times when my working day resembled some kind of crazed lolly scramble..

Days were spent juggling the many different roles involved in running a company.  Switching between business owner, buyer, content manager, photographer, sales manager, blogger, clothes ironer (yes, that is a thing!) customer service, health and safety manager, lunchroom cleaner, wife, mother and the list went on...sound familiar?

I get it.

I know what it's like to have to wear the many hats that go with business startups and into the running of it.  Oh, I LOVED it... (Loved it so much I'm doing it all over again!)  but I get's exhausting, it's hard work, and it's especially difficult when you're juggling all the aspects of running the business day to day, then having to go home and wear another hat there.  Your days seem to fly by, filled with moments of expectation and scattered with...

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Need videos on Social Media? Combat nervousness now with this key advice.

Jan 14, 2018

You know your business needs to be doing videos on social media, but does the thought of being on camera send you into a form of self paralysis?

We are forever encouraging our clients to connect with their audiences through video as video is king on social media.

It's a medium that lets you connect with your audience in a way that is authentic.  They get to see you and connect with you as a person, and this encourages trust in the relationship.  

However, it's all very well explaining the benefits of video to them, but what happens when you have clients that paralyse in front of the camera and get so nervous they freeze?!

A simple lesson to understand, is that whenever you are nervous on camera, it is usually because you are thinking about yourself.

"Am I enough?"

"Am I saying too much?"

"Does what I'm saying make sense?"

Now, the key to dealing with this nervousness, is to focus on helping the person at the other end of the camera.

The moment you...

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