What's working on Instagram

Oct 30, 2019

(News about the Instagram Algorithm)

Before we get started- I think it's important to mention Instagram (or Facebook) doesn't release a lovely PDF of what's new with their algorithm changes. Our updates come from our testing as well as reliable sources who's job is to test and see what works.

Things change faster than fast, we do our best to see what's working now.

Here's what we've seen...

• Multi-word comments:
The algorithm doesn't favour posts with lots of one-word comments (Maybe too many 'Tag & Win' posts blew it?)

• Long-format captions:
Questions, multiple sentences/blog stye captions, conversations within comments.

• Save Feature:
Encourage your audience to SAVE your post, this lets IG know your post is noteworthy! (Tell us if you wanna know how to do this)

• Share to Story:
When someone shares your post to their Story- IG gets triggered it must be worth showing

Our takeaway from this news:
Be one step ahead in how you...

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