Counting Likes?

Jul 22, 2018


Don't be fooled into thinking they mean success

Easier said than done.
We totally get it.

There isn't a single client of ours, that doesn't wish for more likes.

But the truth is, if you're just chasing them to look 'better' than your competition, you're really just feeding an online ego
ENGAGEMENT is your gauge.

We see pages with 16k likes that get the same amount of reactions and comments on posts as our clients with 1500 likes
We'd rather have a smaller, more engaged community of genuine followers, than a big empty page of echoing crickets

Don't jump in and buy likes.

Social media is a slow game- and winning isn't judged off a 'like' count.

Trust us

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Building Facebook Groups As Part of Your Facebook Marketing Plan

Mar 13, 2018

You'll hear us talking a lot about Relationship Marketing on Social Media

But what is it?? And how can you start right now by implementing it into your social media strategy?

A good place to start with relationship marketing, is to invest in creating a separate Facebook group that’s tailor-made for your niche or market.
This community group should be managed by your business page, which will give you the ability to build relationships with your core audience within it.

This lets you use Facebook for two purposes.

Your business page serves as an introduction to the brand, while groups encourage a deeper, more meaningful connection.

Let me give you an example:

If your business is a gym that focuses on promoting exercise, your Facebook group could be directed at diet and local healthy food choices within your town/city.

Or let's own a building could start a group/community within your page relating to sustainable buildings, focusing on your local area.

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Should you 'BOOST' a post on Facebook?

Mar 08, 2018

Should you BOOST a post?

Sometimes yes, but...
(there's always a but!)

90% of the time we suggest running an ad if your goal is to get more likes/followers/activity.


The beauty of running an ad is the level of testing you can do, and how much you can segment your audience.
You can really laser point to exactly who you want to target
(so you aren't wasting precious $$)

Boosting means you are promoting a single 'post'.
You're basically pushing one of your status updates into people's newsfeed. This can be good if you have a post that you don't want your followers to miss.
(thanks algorithm for not showing everyone everything)

With an ad you can create something that isn't even seen on your page.

"So, why would I want to do that?"
Good question, stay with me...

If you are trying to gain more likes/followers you need to be reaching a larger audience than your current followers- so why waste budget showing to people who already follow you?

Still feeling a little lost?

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