Why 'Like for Like' Doesn't Work On Social Media

Mar 09, 2018

Let's talk about what doesn't work on Facebook... 

We see it all the time. 
Posts in groups promoting people to list their business below and they will 'Like' your page, in exchange for a 'Like' on their page. 
It's generally then encouraged that everyone participating in the post should be going through and liking everyone's page that has been listed. 

Hold up.. before we go any further, I want you to know WE have done this. 

Yep, it's easy to fall into the trap. 
I mean what's a few harmless 'Likes' right? 

Here's how it it can go wrong...

It may seem like you're gaining likes and followers, so then your popularity will go up, which in turn would make your sales go up, and things you post will start going viral..... and your ego would go up with it, am I right? 

I get it.
We want to be popular on Social Media and have millions of likes - surely that would equal success?

The problem is, when you start showing up in people's newsfeed- they can't even...

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Should you 'BOOST' a post on Facebook?

Mar 08, 2018

Should you BOOST a post?

Sometimes yes, but...
(there's always a but!)

90% of the time we suggest running an ad if your goal is to get more likes/followers/activity.


The beauty of running an ad is the level of testing you can do, and how much you can segment your audience.
You can really laser point to exactly who you want to target
(so you aren't wasting precious $$)

Boosting means you are promoting a single 'post'.
You're basically pushing one of your status updates into people's newsfeed. This can be good if you have a post that you don't want your followers to miss.
(thanks algorithm for not showing everyone everything)

With an ad you can create something that isn't even seen on your page.

"So, why would I want to do that?"
Good question, stay with me...

If you are trying to gain more likes/followers you need to be reaching a larger audience than your current followers- so why waste budget showing to people who already follow you?

Still feeling a little lost?

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How many hats are you wearing? Social Media Marketing Advice for New Business Owners

Feb 18, 2018

In my previous business, there were times when my working day resembled some kind of crazed lolly scramble..

Days were spent juggling the many different roles involved in running a company.  Switching between business owner, buyer, content manager, photographer, sales manager, blogger, clothes ironer (yes, that is a thing!) customer service, health and safety manager, lunchroom cleaner, wife, mother and the list went on...sound familiar?

I get it.

I know what it's like to have to wear the many hats that go with business startups and into the running of it.  Oh, I LOVED it... (Loved it so much I'm doing it all over again!)  but I get's exhausting, it's hard work, and it's especially difficult when you're juggling all the aspects of running the business day to day, then having to go home and wear another hat there.  Your days seem to fly by, filled with moments of expectation and scattered with...

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Instagram Update- Now You Can Schedule Posts!

Jan 31, 2018

Businesses who use Instagram and Social Media Managers heard some long awaited news today- Instagram now allows scheduled posts! 

But... before you go checking to see if your app has been updated and to see if you have this feature, you need to know that unfortunately this doesn't allow you to schedule directly through the Instagram app itself. (yet)

Instead, the support is being added to Instagram’s API  (Application Programming Interface) – meaning that social media software applications like Hootsuite,  Sprout Social or SocialFlow now have access to the functionality.

However, this API update means that (for now, at least) post scheduling is something only larger organizations will be able to take advantage of, as many smaller businesses don’t necessarily use a third-party software program for working with Instagram. 

An added benefit for the clients who chose to work with us directly at Make Social Click, is that we have access to these tools...

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Best Practices In Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page

Jan 30, 2018

We've had a few businesses needing some help in setting up their business pages correctly, so I quickly put this checklist together on some of the best practices you should be doing to make sure your Facebook business page is fully optimised.

"An effective page is vital as people will use it to make a snap judgement about your business"

Lets start at the top... 

-Name and user name - make sure you have these filled out correctly.

-Set up page as a ‘local business’ that way you can add an address and receive reviews

-Use the about section to tell people about your business and yourself.  Make sure this is fully filled in with links / phone numbers / address etc

-Profile pic of you or your logo (170x170 pixels)

-Cover photo (or video) showing what you do (820 x 312 pixels)

-Add a call to action button (ie message us / call us)

-On a business page you have the ability to change the order of your menu (down lefthand side of page) Consider you have an order...

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Facebook Zero And What It Means For Our SME Clients

Jan 18, 2018

The recent Facebook algorithm changes have seen many online marketers screaming for the hills, and I've seen numerous debates on whether it's time to pack it all in and move from Facebook to another platform. 

So here's my take on it, and what we're talking about to our clients who use Facebook as one of their social media strategies.

Facebook is now more than ever operating as a pay to play platform. 

And these recent Facebook algorithm changes are just another step in that direction.  Facebook is a business just like any other.  And who can blame them?  No TV or radio has even given out free advertising space, and newspapers are no different.  All other media outlets operate on a 'pay to use' basis.

In the past businesses have been able to build pages on the Facebook platform, and market themselves through this channel with very little outlay and costs involved.   With these recent changes, Facebook is steering away...

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Need videos on Social Media? Combat nervousness now with this key advice.

Jan 14, 2018

You know your business needs to be doing videos on social media, but does the thought of being on camera send you into a form of self paralysis?

We are forever encouraging our clients to connect with their audiences through video as video is king on social media.

It's a medium that lets you connect with your audience in a way that is authentic.  They get to see you and connect with you as a person, and this encourages trust in the relationship.  

However, it's all very well explaining the benefits of video to them, but what happens when you have clients that paralyse in front of the camera and get so nervous they freeze?!

A simple lesson to understand, is that whenever you are nervous on camera, it is usually because you are thinking about yourself.

"Am I enough?"

"Am I saying too much?"

"Does what I'm saying make sense?"

Now, the key to dealing with this nervousness, is to focus on helping the person at the other end of the camera.

The moment you...

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Not sure whether your business needs to be on social media?

Jan 14, 2018

It's hard to believe in this day and age, that people are still questioning whether their business needs to have a social media presence...

I was chatting with a potential client yesterday who is in a business that is not considered ‘social media savvy’ and he was questioning the benefits of having a presence on various social media platforms, when very few of his colleagues in his industry had one.

The point I stressed to him is that the NUMBER 1 reason you have a social media presence is to build relationships with existing and potential clients.


Having an online presence gives your customers a chance to get to know you.  

"It builds trust, and trust is the most important thing in any relationship"

So, if you are in his position and your industry is slow to take on the importance of being on social media, then you have a head-start over the competition….an opportunity to become an authority in your industry.

Your customers want to get to know you,...

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