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7 Content Ideas that WILL help grow your following.

Oct 26, 2018

We've all experienced it...

That feeling of dread that comes when creating content for your business page. 

Even with the best intentions, just knowing where to start can stop you in your tracks.

You jump online and start scrolling, hoping for some inspiration by checking out what everyone else is doing.

Sound familiar?

Thinking of ideas, and then creating engaging content from those ideas, is a very common problem that many of our clients struggle with.  So we thought we'd help you out by offering a few of our favourite content ideas that we use when we're in the same boat and stuck for content.

Firstly though, get yourself into the right head space...

We can't stress enough the importance of 'being in flow' when you sit down to start.  This is very important for the creative juices to flow.  If you're not feeling it...go for a walk, do some exercise, mediate and then come back to it. 

You'll find being in...

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Counting Likes?

Jul 22, 2018


Don't be fooled into thinking they mean success

Easier said than done.
We totally get it.

There isn't a single client of ours, that doesn't wish for more likes.

But the truth is, if you're just chasing them to look 'better' than your competition, you're really just feeding an online ego
ENGAGEMENT is your gauge.

We see pages with 16k likes that get the same amount of reactions and comments on posts as our clients with 1500 likes
We'd rather have a smaller, more engaged community of genuine followers, than a big empty page of echoing crickets

Don't jump in and buy likes.

Social media is a slow game- and winning isn't judged off a 'like' count.

Trust us

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A simple tip to 'STAND OUT' when promoting your business

May 05, 2018

Facebook groups are a really big deal nowadays, and can offer a great resource for business owners.

Groups are all about community, and if you find a successful Facebook group that is engaged and offers value, you can actually gain quite a bit of knowledge from like-minded people, who have usually either been in a similar situation to you, or going through the same issues.

Occasionally, you get an opportunity to promote your business within the group by sharing your business Facebook page, and this is the part I want to give a tip on today.

If you participate in these group threads (usually titled ' Comment below with your Facebook Page and tell us about your biz') you must always make sure you do the following to maximise the opportunity to promote your business.

Copy and paste the URL to your FB business page into the comment

>Do not tag your FB business page in the comment

If you copy and paste the URL of your page in, your comment will show with...

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Using Emojis for Business - Here's our take on it..

Apr 27, 2018

Do you use emojis? 

Communications is:
•55% Body Language
•38% Tone 

•7% Words 

How easy is it to mis-interpret something you read online? 
Very easy to.. 

This is where emoji's can help. 
We are visual creatures. 
When we see an emoji we better understand the tone of the text. 
This makes using them a really powerful way of marketing in the digital world. 

But there is a catch... 
Be careful not to overuse, or use ones that are irrelevant 

What emoji is your favourite to describe what your business does? 
Do they work for you??

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Turning Complaints Into Opportunities

Apr 17, 2018


They can sting.
They can also make you react as you shouldn't on social media which can be cringeworthy (and damaging)

Here's our take on things...
Complaints are opportunities.
Hear me out:

They can mean you have a reason to better explain something that perhaps you had overlooked.

Often a complaint is a mis-interpretation or feeling of underwhelm.
Think about where your customers get their expectations from?

If you don't educate people as to why you do things the way you do, they fill in the blanks themselves.
(and man, do people have wicked imaginations!)

Let's give you an example.. from one of our clients!
Your menu item tastes different from what they expected. They complain that its yuck, not what they expected.
The thing is- you use that recipe because it's from a particular region in a country that your family is from. You could get defensive and take it personally, it would be easy to do this. But let's step back and reframe this...

The opportunity?

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This type of social media marketing gives us the warm fuzzies!

Mar 23, 2018

Ohhhhh, we get warm fuzzies when we see companies getting this right...

And that is companies using social media to show the human side of their businesses.

I'm talking about companies that take the time to acknowledge their staff through social media.  These kind of posts can build huge amounts of trust with audiences, customers and suppliers alike.

We as consumers, like to see and deal with businesses that treat their staff well.  It feels good to know that the companies we are dealing with, hold the same values as we do.

Businesses can start to show this by getting out from behind the name, and showcasing staff members on social media posts.  Give your audience an insight into how you treat your staff, be playful with it, have some fun, and watch it resonate with your audience.

In doing this, there will be one main benefit that we love the most, and gets us every time.  And that is how the staff member feels after you have posted about them.


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Curiosity Marketing 🧐

Mar 21, 2018

What is Curiosity Marketing?

It's about leaving people wanting to know more and encouraging conversation with them. 

Facebook has made recent changes to the algorithm that favours "meaningful conversations."
This means if your posts are creating comments, questions and responses- it will be shown higher in the newsfeed. 

This can't happen when you give someone everything they need to know. They have no reason to respond to your post. 

Put it this way...

Here's what it's not:

Meeting someone for the first time and before you even introduce yourself you're straight into a sales spiel.
You instantly begin telling them everything about your business.
Pricing, products, monthly specials- the whole shebang.

Before they can even get a word in,
you hand them your business card and leave.

Ew, gross.
How rude right?

Telling people everything about your product/service on social media without introducing yourself and asking them anything about them, is pretty much...

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Building Facebook Groups As Part of Your Facebook Marketing Plan

Mar 13, 2018

You'll hear us talking a lot about Relationship Marketing on Social Media

But what is it?? And how can you start right now by implementing it into your social media strategy?

A good place to start with relationship marketing, is to invest in creating a separate Facebook group that’s tailor-made for your niche or market.
This community group should be managed by your business page, which will give you the ability to build relationships with your core audience within it.

This lets you use Facebook for two purposes.

Your business page serves as an introduction to the brand, while groups encourage a deeper, more meaningful connection.

Let me give you an example:

If your business is a gym that focuses on promoting exercise, your Facebook group could be directed at diet and local healthy food choices within your town/city.

Or let's say...you own a building company....you could start a group/community within your page relating to sustainable buildings, focusing on your local area.

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Why 'Like for Like' Doesn't Work On Social Media

Mar 09, 2018

Let's talk about what doesn't work on Facebook... 

We see it all the time. 
Posts in groups promoting people to list their business below and they will 'Like' your page, in exchange for a 'Like' on their page. 
It's generally then encouraged that everyone participating in the post should be going through and liking everyone's page that has been listed. 

Hold up.. before we go any further, I want you to know WE have done this. 

Yep, it's easy to fall into the trap. 
I mean what's a few harmless 'Likes' right? 

Here's how it it can go wrong...

It may seem like you're gaining likes and followers, so then your popularity will go up, which in turn would make your sales go up, and things you post will start going viral..... and your ego would go up with it, am I right? 

I get it.
We want to be popular on Social Media and have millions of likes - surely that would equal success?

The problem is, when you start showing up in people's newsfeed- they can't even...

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Should you 'BOOST' a post on Facebook?

Mar 08, 2018

Should you BOOST a post?

Sometimes yes, but...
(there's always a but!)

90% of the time we suggest running an ad if your goal is to get more likes/followers/activity.


The beauty of running an ad is the level of testing you can do, and how much you can segment your audience.
You can really laser point to exactly who you want to target
(so you aren't wasting precious $$)

Boosting means you are promoting a single 'post'.
You're basically pushing one of your status updates into people's newsfeed. This can be good if you have a post that you don't want your followers to miss.
(thanks algorithm for not showing everyone everything)

With an ad you can create something that isn't even seen on your page.

"So, why would I want to do that?"
Good question, stay with me...

If you are trying to gain more likes/followers you need to be reaching a larger audience than your current followers- so why waste budget showing to people who already follow you?

Still feeling a little lost?

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