Why the Kiwi DIY attitude doesn't always work

Oct 06, 2019

We're Kiwi's, we love doing things ourselves. 
Why pay someone to do something, when we can just get it done ourselves? 

Especially when we're short on cash flow- it doesn't make sense to pay people to do things we can do- am I right? 

To answer this fairly, we have to take a look at both sides of the argument. 

YES, you can (and should) do many things yourself in business. 
It means you stay in control, it encourages you to learn and upskill in areas, and it can save you money on some things. (which is crucial when you're in start-up mode!)

So why is there even a NO answer to this question? 

Doing things yourself can cost you more
(Ouch, that truth bomb stings a little)

Firstly, you can take too long to do things.
You can end up spending 3-6 months trying to complete something that you could pay someone $50-100 to do.
Time is money and when you look at the big picture- spending the money upfront to get things in motion is a cheaper option.
Things get left in the 'best intentions' pile for far too long. We underestimate how long things will take and they end up never getting done (or started but not finished) 

Often we take on waaaay too much as business owners, we feel like no one will do it right and by the time we explain how to do something, we may have just done it ourselves. Sound familiar?

So how can you decide what should be DIY and what should be outsourced?

Run yourself through these questions and be honest with the voice inside your head that answers them:

1) Does it require a skill you already have, or do you need to learn something to get it done? 
2) How much would it honestly cost to get someone to do the little things for you? (someone who is fast because it's their expertise) 
3) Would someone who does this task as a living do a better job of it, instead of you learning as you go?

So now that you've skim read that... let's have a quick look at the 'things' I'm referring to:
1) Admin - Do you end up with bald patches and a bad hangover because you did your GST yourself? 
2) Website - Is your website still under construction while you figure out how to get your pics the right size and figure out what the heck to say in your About Us section?
3) Marketing - Are you social media pages a bit hit and miss because you've really only ever scrolled? 
4) Branding - Are you using 5 different fonts and everything you put out has a different look to it? 

If any of these points have hit home for you- stop reading now and reach out to the person who can fix the pothole you keep running into. Business is tricky, it's ok to ask for help and it's ok to get the experts in. 
Give yourself permission to invest in things you get stuck on. 

If you're ever curious who does things for us and you're looking for some recommendations- reach out! We're only too happy to share who has helped us reach our 2-year mark. 

Catch you over on socials, Kendyl :-)