Why 'Like for Like' Doesn't Work On Social Media

Mar 09, 2018

Let's talk about what doesn't work on Facebook... 

We see it all the time. 
Posts in groups promoting people to list their business below and they will 'Like' your page, in exchange for a 'Like' on their page. 
It's generally then encouraged that everyone participating in the post should be going through and liking everyone's page that has been listed. 

Hold up.. before we go any further, I want you to know WE have done this. 

Yep, it's easy to fall into the trap. 
I mean what's a few harmless 'Likes' right? 

Here's how it it can go wrong...

It may seem like you're gaining likes and followers, so then your popularity will go up, which in turn would make your sales go up, and things you post will start going viral..... and your ego would go up with it, am I right? 

I get it.
We want to be popular on Social Media and have millions of likes - surely that would equal success?

The problem is, when you start showing up in people's newsfeed- they can't even remember why they are following you or what your stuff is even about. 

In an attempt to clean up their newsfeed, they unfollow your posts or unlike your page. 

The algorithm then reads this as 'negative feedback'. What you're posting must be irrelevant or offending people, so they stop showing your post in people's newsfeeds. 

The result? 
Lower engagement, lower reach and the heart sinking feeling of watching your page numbers deplete before your eyes

I know it's easy to want more likes, but success isn't measured by the number of likes you have. 

Stay consistent.
Show up often, bring your personality, solve problems for people. 

Patience is what wins :-)