What is 'Launch Mode'?

Feb 28, 2021
Have you ever followed a business on social media when they’re in ‘Launch Mode’?
They’re just getting started or launching a new idea and their content is super interesting. 
The passion is shown, the struggles are real and we’re drawn to their journey.
On the other end of the scale- you'll see businesses that are posting on social media because they ‘have to’.
They’re forcing their content and it shows.
It’s... boring.
How can you re-ignite your social media so that people find you interesting and want to stop their scroll?

What makes you stop and read someone's content? 

Is it when they are selling? 
Is it when they are asking for your input?
Is it when you are showing the human side of your brand?

Ultimately, the more human you are (as a brand) the more relateable you are.