The constant sales pitch...and how to avoid it!

Jun 05, 2019

If we're honest with ourselves, we're all probably guilty of this..
I know I have been...

Many companies that contact us have fallen into the trap of treating their social media channels as a constant sales pitch...aka reverting to sales posts as there's no strategy in place and they're an easy 'go-to' post.

See, here's the thing we forget about social media..

It's that 'people aren't on social media to be sold to'

What?? I know...sounds crazy huh?!

Unlike Google, people aren't 'ready to buy' when they're scrolling their feeds- they don't have an immediate problem that they need to solve.

They're on social media to interact with family and friends, and to consume content they enjoy.

It comes back to using social media to tell your stories.  Build trust with your audience and it'll give them an opportunity to get to know you, and one day possibly do business with you.

Below are a few ideas if you're caught in the 'sales pitch post cycle'

If you are a service provider..

  • Write down three questions that you could answer in order to help your ideal client with a problem they might have   (A good place to start would be your FAQ's)

Then create posts answering these questions.

As a product based business..

  • Think about ways that you can sell the lifestyle associated with your product.
  • Share a success story of someone who's used your product 
  • What does your creation process look like?  People love reading how things are made, especially if the process is unfamiliar to them 

If you are a bricks and mortar business..

  • What are the three biggest compliments people give you about your business? What do they tell you you're doing really well, or what do they love about your store?   Use these reasons and showcase them on your socials.
  • Ask for opinions.  People LOVE to help especially if you put care into the questions you're asking.
  • Use these reasons and showcase them on your socials.   Create some desire to give digital window shoppers a reason to come in and see for themselves.


These few ideas will help lift your content game, and you'll find your engagement rate will definitely increase. 

Remember it's all about engaging and keeping it social!