Price vs Perceived Value

Jun 30, 2020
What's making people pause and say they'll 'think about it'?
Is there a pain point in doing business with you that you're completely overlooking?
HINT: Often it's NOT the price. It's to do with perceived value.

When we need to see the wheels of business turning again, we often jump to discounts as a kick-start solution.
The problem with this? It's a race to the bottom.
Instead, think about how you can be crystal clear in your marketing and messaging about HOW you solve someone's problem for them.

You're in business because you can solve someone's problem, right? 

If we only focus on what the product is, how many you have in stock, how long we've been in business ect- then we're missing the part of the story where the customer's needs are being acknowledged and met. 

Let me give you an example:
You're a Real Estate Agent.
Your content is focused on your current listings, what open homes are coming up, and long-winded testimonials that no-one reads to the end.

What's the pain point you may be missing? 

Maybe, the person reading your content has never sold a house before and they feel $20k for listing fees are a rip-off. It's the elephant in the room.
They won't always tell you that's the hold-up, but chances are if they're 'still thinking about it'- you haven't explained how you can solve their problem.
Your posts reflect only how many houses you have listed at the moment.

Here's a few ideas to relate to someone in their journey:

Firstly, slow the process down. 
Acknowledge the feelings of anxiety as they consider listing their biggest asset for sale.
Acknowledge they may feel like they're handing over control when they're listing with an agent and assure them that's not the case.
You in-fact are walking alongside them on a very difficult journey. You're encouraging them to see you as a guide who has experience in a legal process that without the right professional help, could cost them thousands. 
You are assuring them the investment in you is worth the comfort of knowing you are taking care of them, not leaving them vulnerable in a competitive and daunting market. 
What could go wrong if they don't use an agent? 

Can you see the difference? 
In the first example, you're positioning the content around yourself. 
In the second example, it's about positioning the client in the centre of your story and you're offering to not only acknowledge their pain points but to explain why they matter to you and how you can help them. 

Marketing is about telling a story. It's about connecting with people on their journey so they start to take an interest in what you're doing and what problems you solve. 
Sales is the conversion stage, and generally, people just aren't there yet if they're seeing you on social media for the first time.

If this got you thinking, then imagine spending an hour or two with me?
I bet we can come up with content and marketing ideas that you haven't even considered. Ones that well and truly set you apart from others who sell what you sell. 

If you know you need this, I'm ready when you are. Let's book a strategy session where I'll go over your socials and website, give you some feedback and blow you away with some fresh content and marketing ideas.