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Posting content over Christmas/New Year? Here's what we did with our clients...

Jan 07, 2019

Did your business post content over the Christmas/New Year holiday break?

How did it go for you?  Did you get the results you wanted?   

Here's what we did with our clients and WHY...

It's called the silly season for a reason 😜

Christmas and New Year are notorious for their general chaos.  That time of year quickly becomes a hot mess of people rushing around, gift buying, finishing off the year's end and advertising.

Advertising.  Yip, people trying to sell to you.
Especially through your social media feeds.  

Buy! Buy! Buy!  Posts seem to scream out at us.

We get it....as content creators, it's an easy trap to fall into. 

Firstly though...

Remember, people are on social media to be social.  

So how did we cut through the Christmas/New Years noise this year? 

We created targeted lifestyle FB and Instagram brand awareness campaigns for our clients....which resulted in our clients accounts being 'seen' by their ideal audience..without having to compete for space in newsfeeds.

These campaigns were individually created depending on the clients needs -  but all had a lean towards lifestyle over sales. 

By steering clients towards a targeted lifestyle brand awareness ad campaign, we were able to:

  • Make sure these posts were actively showing up in their audiences news feeds - Visibility
  • Posts were relevant to how and what their audience were doing at the time - Relatable
  • Encouraged engagement with likes, comments, new followers and shares - Positive results 
  • Active targeting to an ideal audience - Cost effective  

Holidays are about family, friends and relaxation.  People turn to FB and Instagram to escape the stresses and see what their mates are up to.  Don't fall into the trap of copying what everyone else is doing.   

To cut through the social media noise you need to do something different.

We did just that, and we're stoked with the results we achieved for our clients. 

There's a number of ways to approach creating social media content over the holiday period. 
Some will work, some won't. 
Just whatever you do, make sure you go back and check your results. 
If they're not great - try something different next time, or flick us a message to help you on your way.