Instagram Update- Now You Can Schedule Posts!

Jan 31, 2018

Businesses who use Instagram and Social Media Managers heard some long awaited news today- Instagram now allows scheduled posts! 

But... before you go checking to see if your app has been updated and to see if you have this feature, you need to know that unfortunately this doesn't allow you to schedule directly through the Instagram app itself. (yet)

Instead, the support is being added to Instagram’s API  (Application Programming Interface) – meaning that social media software applications like Hootsuite,  Sprout Social or SocialFlow now have access to the functionality.

However, this API update means that (for now, at least) post scheduling is something only larger organizations will be able to take advantage of, as many smaller businesses don’t necessarily use a third-party software program for working with Instagram. 

An added benefit for the clients who chose to work with us directly at Make Social Click, is that we have access to these tools for you.

So what about personal profiles? (Non-business)
Instagram says that support for non-business profiles is in the works for an early 2019 release.
Instagram is growing, have you taken into consideration if your business should be on it?