Increasing your Instagram Stories views by reviewing your analytics

Nov 04, 2019
You can’t grow if you don’t know.
It's as simple as that.
Growth starts with understanding your analytics, and it’s no different for your stories.
There's a heap of factors that can affect your day-to-day success. By testing different types of content you can work out trends, monitor 'wins' and then create a finely tuned IG Stories strategy that truly resonates with your audience.
Take a moment now to check your Stories analytics to see if you can see a general decrease/increase in impressions or reach (aka your views!)
Now rank your stories by impressions to see your top and bottom stories.
Notice any trends?
Do you find different types of content work better? Days of the week? Videos to photos?
When you have a strong understanding of what content performs best double down on this, while scaling back on the types of content that doesn't perform as well
This simple checkup of how you're doing, will help you get both more views and keep your followers happy by giving them the content they enjoy.
Side note: IG only keeps your stories analytics for 2 weeks (in the app) so it can be helpful to use a Insta platform like Plann to help you keep track of all your data and watch for long-term trends.