How many hats are you wearing? Social Media Marketing Advice for New Business Owners

Feb 18, 2018

In my previous business, there were times when my working day resembled some kind of crazed lolly scramble..

Days were spent juggling the many different roles involved in running a company.  Switching between business owner, buyer, content manager, photographer, sales manager, blogger, clothes ironer (yes, that is a thing!) customer service, health and safety manager, lunchroom cleaner, wife, mother and the list went on...sound familiar?

I get it.

I know what it's like to have to wear the many hats that go with business startups and into the running of it.  Oh, I LOVED it... (Loved it so much I'm doing it all over again!)  but I get's exhausting, it's hard work, and it's especially difficult when you're juggling all the aspects of running the business day to day, then having to go home and wear another hat there.  Your days seem to fly by, filled with moments of expectation and scattered with relief, joy and maybe slight terror!  All these emotions are part and parcel of a new business and the day to day running of it.  It can get overwhelming pretty quickly, and having time to spend on your social media marketing can easily get pushed aside.   

Having a clear social media strategy that works alongside a digital marketing plan, takes off the added pressure of having to constantly think up content ideas for your social marketing channels.  

Customers expect you to be there when they need you.  They expect to see you where they are hanging out online.  They expect an answer to their query, they expect communication.  They want to know how you think, and will then choose whether to align with you and whether they will support you.  They really don't care that you are wearing many different hats and juggling some distant thoughts of a romantic work/life balance.  You have to be seen and you have to keep relevant.  

It is far easier to retain an existing client than it is to gain a new one.

So I want you to look into your social media channels, and ask yourself if you are doing the best job that you can be doing.

Can you honestly answer these following questions?

  • Do I know who my audience is?
  • Am I servicing my customers at a level I am happy with?
  • How long am I taking to get back to people? 
  • How often am I engaging with my audience?
  • Am I putting out relevant content that my audience enjoys, likes, shares?
  • Am I understanding the analytics and using them to my advantage?

If you are struggling with any of these, then please understand that you are not alone.  We all go through it to different degrees, and that's where we can help.  Kendyl and I have both been involved in the the startup and running of successful online companies.  We now offer support to other business owners who are doing the same.   

Click here for more info on our Social Media Review and Marketing Strategy Package designed especially for business owners who wear many hats and are struggling with juggling it all.     

This social media strategy package has been designed to allow you keep control, but to share the workload.  We are both really passionate about helping others succeed, so drop us a line if you want a little extra help.