Facebook Zero And What It Means For Our SME Clients

Jan 18, 2018

The recent Facebook algorithm changes have seen many online marketers screaming for the hills, and I've seen numerous debates on whether it's time to pack it all in and move from Facebook to another platform. 

So here's my take on it, and what we're talking about to our clients who use Facebook as one of their social media strategies.

Facebook is now more than ever operating as a pay to play platform. 

And these recent Facebook algorithm changes are just another step in that direction.  Facebook is a business just like any other.  And who can blame them?  No TV or radio has even given out free advertising space, and newspapers are no different.  All other media outlets operate on a 'pay to use' basis.

In the past businesses have been able to build pages on the Facebook platform, and market themselves through this channel with very little outlay and costs involved.   With these recent changes, Facebook is steering away from posts that achieve little engagement between people, and will show even less of these in peoples newsfeeds. 

Now more than ever, businesses will have to create engaging content that is commented on and shared around.  Focusing on creating content that builds relationships and communication between people.  Or be willing to pay for that space.

 It is not simply a matter of posting content and hoping that you will get engagement from it. 

Organic posts were seen by approximately 4% of people who like/follow clients pages, now they will only be seen by around 2% of audiences.  Businesses have to be willing to adapt and invest in the Facebook platform, and will see much better results by boosting good posts and creating Facebook Ads.

Facebook is still one of the most important and cost effective avenues our SME businesses have to market themselves. The writing has been on the wall for a while now, and with any industry, there will be businesses that adapt and continue to grow, and businesses that don't. 

 Which one will you be?

 Drop us a line if you are wanting help with understanding the recent Facebook algorithm changes.  These will affect your Facebook business page, but we can teach you how to stay ahead of the curve and keep reaching your targeted audiences.