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Curiosity Marketing 🧐

Mar 21, 2018

What is Curiosity Marketing?

It's about leaving people wanting to know more and encouraging conversation with them. 

Facebook has made recent changes to the algorithm that favours "meaningful conversations."
This means if your posts are creating comments, questions and responses- it will be shown higher in the newsfeed. 

This can't happen when you give someone everything they need to know. They have no reason to respond to your post. 

Put it this way...

Here's what it's not:

Meeting someone for the first time and before you even introduce yourself you're straight into a sales spiel.
You instantly begin telling them everything about your business.
Pricing, products, monthly specials- the whole shebang.

Before they can even get a word in,
you hand them your business card and leave.

Ew, gross.
How rude right?

Telling people everything about your product/service on social media without introducing yourself and asking them anything about them, is pretty much doing the same thing.

Sometimes when we post about our business, we are naturally inclined to list allllll the features and benefits.
The price, the ingredients, the history, your contact details...

Truth is, we are all curious creatures.
If we want to find out more- we already know to call or message you or to check your website. (come on, we all know how to stalk 😉)

I know we've been conditioned to always have a 'Call To Action' (CTA)
But, there is an exception to that rule when your post becomes like a one way conversation, ending with an salesy pitch.

Don't get me wrong, CTAs do work.
But think of a CTA as more of a CTE (Call To Engage)

You can ask questions and feedback, encourage a conversation (like you would in real life) and then engage back, which could lead to them reaching out for more info.

See the difference?

Switch off the infomercial, tune into real life conversations. 
In summary.. Don't end you post with 'Call Me Today!' or 'Here's the link to my website' 😐