Boost a Post - Yes or No?

Feb 12, 2020

We've all seen it- the notification from Facebook saying "Your post is performing 80% better, increase your reach to 800..."

It can be tempting to hit that Boost button. I get it. 

There's nothing more exciting than seeing the reach increase and getting more likes and comments than ever before. 

But- did you make any more sales?
Or did you just pay $20 to feel good about numbers?

Beyond that shiny and tempting Boost button, lives the Ad Manager.
Better targeting, better analytics and better bang-for-buck. 

Here's just some of the things you can do when you take your boost money and go through ads manager:

  • Objective Flexibility

    When you boost a post, Facebook streamlines the process to make it as easy as possible. As a result, they never ask you to choose a campaign objective. They make assumptions. They look at the type of post and give you a few optimization options.

    The reality is though, that you may not want to optimize the way Facebook suggests. And you can’t optimize differently without choosing a different campaign objective.

    When you create a campaign in Ads Manager, you have a clean slate. Select from 11 different objectives, which will help determine how your ads are delivered. 

  • Split Testing

     What works better? This pic or this text?
    If you want, you can test between your website visitors or a broad audience of interests. Which placements work best? What copy and creative should you use?

    The Boost button doesn’t allow you to figure any of this out. You create one post, and you force it into the newsfeed. That’s it.

  • Lead ads

    Lead Ads allow you to collect leads (like emails) without sending people away from Facebook to say your website. They allow people to seamlessly provide contact info, that is usually pulled from their profile, in exchange for something of value. Often if you try and send people to your website they'll throw it in the "I'll come back and do that later" pile, which we all know never happens. 

    The list goes on. 
    But what's that I hear you say? "The Ad Manager is confusing and intimidating!"

    I get that also. So we've created an easy to follow online course, without all the technical overwhelm, to make Ads easier for you. 

    It's coming in March, but if you want to be the FIRST to know because this is what you've been waiting for.. then let us know!