Best Practices In Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page

Jan 30, 2018

We've had a few businesses needing some help in setting up their business pages correctly, so I quickly put this checklist together on some of the best practices you should be doing to make sure your Facebook business page is fully optimised.

"An effective page is vital as people will use it to make a snap judgement about your business"

Lets start at the top... 

-Name and user name - make sure you have these filled out correctly.

-Set up page as a ‘local business’ that way you can add an address and receive reviews

-Use the about section to tell people about your business and yourself.  Make sure this is fully filled in with links / phone numbers / address etc

-Profile pic of you or your logo (170x170 pixels)

-Cover photo (or video) showing what you do (820 x 312 pixels)

-Add a call to action button (ie message us / call us)

-On a business page you have the ability to change the order of your menu (down lefthand side of page) Consider you have an order that suits your business best.

-Make sure you have the correct admin set up on order to post/notifications (go to Settings, page roles)

-Pinning a post to the top of the page that all people clicking on your page see first (valuable real-estate)  In this post consider asking your audience to “click on following...and click on see first”  That way your new posts will be shown to them when they jump on FB.

-Check all your links work

-Lastly always go 'incognito' and see how your page looks from the viewers point of view.

Side note - Consider watermarking your images that you will be posting on FB.


These are simple steps to ensure your page will be looking top notch and using all the benefits that Facebook offers. 

Flick us a message if you would like our free Business Facebook page 'once-over' We'll jump in and offer suggestions to help make you standout amongst the crowds.