7 Content Ideas that WILL help grow your following.

Oct 26, 2018

We've all experienced it...

That feeling of dread that comes when creating content for your business page. 

Even with the best intentions, just knowing where to start can stop you in your tracks.

You jump online and start scrolling, hoping for some inspiration by checking out what everyone else is doing.

Sound familiar?

Thinking of ideas, and then creating engaging content from those ideas, is a very common problem that many of our clients struggle with.  So we thought we'd help you out by offering a few of our favourite content ideas that we use when we're in the same boat and stuck for content.

Firstly though, get yourself into the right head space...

We can't stress enough the importance of 'being in flow' when you sit down to start.  This is very important for the creative juices to flow.  If you're not feeling it...go for a walk, do some exercise, mediate and then come back to it. 

You'll find being in the right state of mind is invaluable to this process.

Below are 7 content ideas that will encourage your thinking and help grow your audience.


1) Find things that are going on in your industry and link to them:  Share your opinion on what others in your industry are talking about.  This is vital, as your audience wants to hear YOUR opinion on the matter.  Never just share a link without caring enough about your audience to comment as to why it's important you are sharing.

2) Behind the scenes moment:  You'll hear us talking about 'lifting the hood'.  This is the time to show your audience who you all really are.  This builds connection like nothing else will do.  It helps make you relatable, normal and likeable.  Take a walk around your business and chat to your team...there will be ideas there that you may not see, but your staff may do. 

3) Answer a popular question: Address it head on.  You know that one question that everyone asks?  Well - highlight it and educate your audience on it.  If you are unsure about what keeps coming up - ask your staff...talk to the person answering the phones.  Another little tip is to go through your FAQ's...and start creating posts around those.     

4) Introduce one of your suppliers and quiz them on one of their products you use  (Share the love around)  This idea is valuable for many reasons.   Not only does it give you good content to use on your own social media platforms...you can ask for it to be shared on your suppliers pages also.  You're leveraging the content to get to a wider audience.   And lastly (and most importantly) it educates and adds value to your followers. 

5) What sets you apart from your competition?  Talk about what makes you different to your competition.  Why should people buy from you and not the guy down the road.  We are all unique and all business are unique.  Find that thing, shine a light on it, and talk about it over and over again.  Know your values and lead with these. 

6) 30 second video review of a product you use.  This is something that when done well, can create great engagement.   Video is vital for your reach and is favoured by social media algorithms.  Creating shareable content that offers real value to your audience should be your main focus.  It helps positions you as a leader in your field, and educates your audience on the product.  Keep it non-sales focused.

 7) Write about a misconception in your industry. There are misconceptions in every type of business...things people don’t understand, or have incorrect views on.  Shine a light on them.  Educate your audience on why it's not correct.  A good way of doing this is to throw some humour in there...enlighten them, but keep it lighthearted.


So there are 7 great content ideas for you.  Make a note of them, and next time you feel yourself struggling for some content inspiration...take one of these ideas above and do it.  Don't let yourself revert to another sales post because you don't know what to talk about...keep your social media social, well balanced and watch your following grow.